4.25" RipRoller™

4.25" RipRoller™ - Solid wood, 8/10 ounce "Surface" Prop bait. This loud rowdy lure is deadly for Trophy Largemouth Bass. Characterized by its aggressive propeller the 4.25" RipRoller™ is ideal for fishing the edges of hydrilla lined shorelines, bull rushes and stump fields. The 4.25" RipRoller™ is also deadly for Redfish, Stripers, Muskie, Pike, and smaller Peacock Bass just to name a few. The 4.25" RipRoller™ sports brilliant paint jobs and is epoxy coated for lasting durability and shine. The 4.25"" RipRoller™ is saltwater ready from its stainless steel hardware to VMC #2 "X" strong round bend hooks.

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