4.00" Pop-n-Roller

The most unique lure you have ever seen, the Pop-n-Roller is a thru-wire, custom, wooden bait which allows the angler to attract fish from along way off.

The rear part of the body is stationary on the high quality medical-grade titanium wire, and has a metal striker on front of it.

The front part of the body is free floating on the wire, with a stainless steel washer on the rear of the body.

As you jerk the lure through the water, or walk-the-dog, a distinct and loud "clicking" sound is created when the striker hits the washer.

Other characteristics: the flexibility of the medical-grade titanium wire keeps the fish from throwing the Pop-n-Roller, unlike other rigid baits; the titanium wire has a 10,000 lb test strength; with the twitch of the rod tip, the erratic walking action while cause the bait to dive, spit and jump; the head will also roll to flash the eyes to the fish, and will right itself when at rest.

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