6.5" Monster HighRoller™

6.5" Original HighRoller™-Topwater, Stickbait, Walker. The Monster HighRoller, the latest addition to the “wood-line”, offers the same characteristics as its little brothers, the 3.25” & 4.25” HighRoller; extremely long-casting, and highly erratic walking action. This lure is designed for the angler that is looking for “Trophy” fish! Casting this bait brings a whole new meaning to the term, “country mile”! Walking this lure is virtually as easy as cranking the reel handle because of the design and shape of the plug! As far as cadence is concerned, you can work this bait as fast or as slow as you like! The size was designed to mimic a finger mullet in the saltwater and a shad in the freshwater. Whether you are hunting for Gator Trout, Monster Muskie, Bull Redfish, Stripers, Monster Peacock Bass or the toothy Pike, this is the bait for you! Physical attributes: solid wood, 1 9/16 ounce, custom lacquer paint job, brilliant 2 part epoxy coating, stainless steel saltwater ready hardware and 3/0 4X strong VMC Saltwater ready hooks. The 6.5” Original HighRoller is a must for surf anglers!

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