HighRoller™ Peacock Series

HighRoller Fishing Lure Company has long been known as the producer of one of the finest Peacock Bass fishing lures in the World, the Monster RipRoller.

Developed and designed to endure the unyielding punishment and vicious attacks of the ill- tempered South American Peacock Bass, also known by the locals as Pavon or Tucunare, the Monster RipRoller has produced 26 pound + Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro River in South America. We spared no expense to build the best. We designed the custom heavy-duty stainless steel prop on the Monster RipRoller to withstand the brutal punishment that these heavy-weights dish out. The RipRoller is also outfitted with VMC “X” Strong treble hooks. The Monster RipRoller is fished by former President Bush and numerous Bass Master Champions including Kevin Van Dam, Shaw Grigsby and Roland Martin, Gary Klein, Guy Eaker, Paul Elias, and Blair Wiggins.

The Monster RipRoller is sold to professional outfitters around the world who specialize and make a living guiding fisherman to world-record catches.

As the owner of HighRoller, I have personally traveled and caught these huge Peacock Bass in Brazil on the Rio Negro River on the Monster RipRoller and guarantee your success and dominance when fishing with our baits.

Our top selling colors for lure crunching Trophy Peacock Bass are: Halloween, Black/Orange, Fire Tiger, Clown, Perch, Peacock, Pearl Chartreuse Head and Speckled Peacock. These are proven effective in many rivers in Brazil and Venezuela and produce huge catches when other lures fail.

Accept no substitutes. With the World record Peacock Bass at stake, throw 80 pound to 100 pound braided line, use a 6 1/2 foot medium-heavy, 25 pound rod equipped with a high-speed bait-casting reel, and make sure the lure you fish is a Monster RipRoller. As the owner of HighRoller, I highly recommend Falcon Rods as the rod of choice when fishing in the Amazon.

South Florida is evolving as a great Peacock Bass fishery. In fact, it holds the Butterfly Peacock World Record. Our 4.25” and 3.25” RipRollers are the favorite selection for these domestic bruisers. This is a great fishery, not only will you catch Peacock in these canals, but also Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Largemouth Bass.

To experience this excitement, fish the unsurpassed quality and durability that put HighRoller lures in a class of their own! “Beat The Odds, Throw a HighRoller”!!!!

Would you like to experience catch these incrediable fish! Join owner Terry Jertberg, and HighRoller Adventures on one of his fabulous trips to the Amazon.

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