High Roller™ Musky

HIGHROLLER FISHING LURE COMPANY, LLC produces the highest quality, custom handmade wooden lure on the market today.

The JUNIOR and MAGNUM MUSKY baits were produced out of a desire to offer the serious Musky fisherman a different kind of bait with a unique sound that will attack a Musky from far off. The thrashing sound of the lexan fins on the top of the water sound like no other bait on the water.

Just reel it steady through the water; or retrieve, then reel it through the water, for a loud churning noise.

Both the JUNIOR and MAGNUM MUSKY baits are made of cypress wood, soaked and dipped in the highest quality paints several times, painted by hand with an airbrush, and have a durable two-part epoxy for a finish. All hardware is stainless steel and all screws are epoxied into the wood. The split rings are heavy duty and the VMC hooks are strong.

HOW IT WORKS The two Sampo swivels on either side of the front body allow the lexan fins to turn the front body causing a churning noise.

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