HighRoller™ PT Spoon

HighRoller Fishing Lures introduces the “PT Spoon”, built from the same high quality standards as our famous top water lures are built on. The PT Spoon has action second to none and is the simplest spoon on the market to fish! The PT Spoon has already proven its fish catching ability in the waters of southern Florida, in the marshes, lakes and tributaries. For sometime now people have been catching fish of all species, from the Largemouth bass to the hard pulling Redfish in the shallow bays of Florida.

The PT Spoon weights 3/8’s ounce and comes in 4 blade colors; gold, silver, black, and our new addition Watermelon! And to compliment the blades are 9 different skirt patterns to cover the broad spectrum of different fishing conditions. The spoon comes standard with an Ultra Point Mustad hook welded in place for strength and durability. Also complimenting the Pt Spoon is a weed guard, giving you the ability to fish the PT Spoon in the thickest of cover.

Housed in our new sliding blister pack for easy removal, the PT Spoon is sure to become every fisherman’s spoon of choice.

For the saltwater angler, the spoon comes in skirt patterns that are conducive to fishing stained or clear waters. Additionally, the skirt can be removed and a swim tail jig can be placed on the spoon to create another unique lure without compromising the action of the spoon! Our spoon can be fished in the skinniest of waters and the heaviest of cover on those days when the reds are holding tight and hard to move.

You will find that our spoon is the most versatile spoon on the market today! The unique design creates a lifelike action second to none, and the spoon can be fished in the densest of cover with little or no effort from you. This keeps you in the strike zone longer and with tremendous action on the fall. The fall, or allowing the spoon to fall will create 80% of your strikes. Swimming it into likely areas and allowing it to fall, causes bone jarring reaction strikes!

We welcome dealers inquiries, and invite to try out the PT Spoon and its unparallel action!

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