Highroller lures are uniquely made to be fished with in a variety of ways. I am certain that the following tips and techniques will help you land the fish of a lifetime. Please call or e-mail us if you have other tips or techniques you would like to share with other HighRollers!

Walking the Dog

The Original HighRoller is our most versatile bait. It is one of the easiest lures to “walk the dog”. The shape and weighted rear end help even the novice angler in using this technique. I like to start with a 6’ Medium casting rod. After you have cast the lure, keep the rod tip pointed down toward the water at a 45 degree angle and twitch or jerk the rod tip down toward the surface to approximately 90 degree angle. In a rhythm that will have the bait dancing back and forth or “walking”, be sure to turn the reel handle about one revolution for every other twitch of the rod. Start out slowly, which will give the lure a wider back and forth action, then speed up the pace to cause the bait to jump, mimicking fleeing bait fish! Practice this technique, and you will have the lure walking in no time. I caught the largest bass of my life with the 4.25” HighRoller using a steady retrieve!

Mimicking Bait-Fish

This technique is best used with the PopRoller. I use a 6.5’ medium casting rod with this set up. I tie one PopRoller behind the other using an 18” or 24” monofilament leader. This is great in an open water presentation. This lure is ideal for this presentation because it mimics fleeing bait-fish and gives the predator a choice. Often this produces a double hook up as well. Simply tie the leader to the rear hook or the tail bolt of the front lure, cast them out and twitch your rod tip causing the baits to spit and walk. Vary the speed of your retrieve and hang on!!!


This technique drives bass crazy! Simply cast any of our topwater lures and let it sit until the ripples die out, count to ten and twitch the rod tip, moving the lure in place. Let it sit a while longer, then twitch it again moving a few inches and let lie there motionless. Patience, patience, patience is the key to this technique. I have caught many 5 lb + bass using this technique in and around cover. The fish normally suck the lure under while it lays on the surface, so you have to be very attentive at all times or you may miss the fish of a lifetime!


Another unique action of the Original HighRoller is its ability to dive. This is due to the pointed shape of the nose or tie end of the lure. It is relatively easy to get it to dive a few inches beneath the surface. In fact, during a medium fast to fast retrieve, the 3.25” Original HighRoller will dive and pop back to the surface like fleeing baitfish. To cause this action, it is best to cast the lure out and let it sit motionless to allow your line to sink, which will pull the lure under the surface, once you start the retrieve. As you improve your “walking the dog” technique, you will learn how to make the lure to dive at will. Another useful tip to get this bait beneath the surface is to use flourocarbon line. This will have a tendency to pull the lure beneath the surface on its own, allowing you to work the lure beneath the surface. This technique is a very affective pattern when fish will not commit to the surface presentation. Once I get the bait beneath the surface I like to “walk” it or fish it like a jerkbait. So be sure to try this on your next outing and I am sure you will be glad you did!


This technique is used with the RipRoller series of baits. It is so simple a 5 year old kid can catch fish using this technique. Simply cast the lure, let the ripples die out, and rip the lure by sweeping the rod down toward the surface or to your side causing the bait to “rip” thru the water. You can rip the lure slowly of very rapidly, depending on the aggressiveness of the fish. This is one of Roland Martin’s favorite topwater techniques. Many large fish have been caught using the 3.25 “ RipRoller. In fact, Roland has landed 50lb tarpon, 10+lb bass, and 20lb snook. This series of baits are our #1 seller, I wonder why!!!!


I personally use a loop knot with the original HighRoller and PopRoller. This knot allows much more action when “walking the dog” with the Original HighRoller, and increases the aciton of the PopRoller by giving you the ability make it spit and walk as well. I have never had this knot break and I prefer to use it over a split ring.

The polomar or the trilene (cinch) knot are recommended for the RipRoller, ChugRoller and CrankRoller baits.

If you have any useful tips, please email us or call us at 877-205-1764. We are always happy to hear from our customers. Till then, remember, “Increase your Odds, Throw a HighRoller”!!!!

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