3.25 inch RipRoller

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Available in an array of colors, the 3.25-inch RipRoller is a proven strike-producing Bass bait. The stainless steel propeller creates an enticing sound and visual display that drive Bass crazy. Exciting topwater action is a sure thing when you use a RipRoller 3.25!
  • Solid wood – the best there is for buoyancy
  • Triple coated epoxy paint and Gelcoated for durability & shine
  • Realistic 3-D Eyes
  • Stainless steel components
  • VMC® Permasteel® treble hooks
  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • 20 tantalizing colors
  • Length: 3.25 inches (83mm)
  • Weight: .4 oz (11g)
Fresh and saltwater anglers appreciate the exceptional quality of these lures - they make great gifts!

Premium Wood Lures for Avid Anglers