Saltwater - Gallery

Blair Wiggins, Host of Addictive Fishing, with a beautiful
redfish caught in the Indian River Lagoon;
this redfish was caught on a 4.25" HighRoller,
the best walk-the-dog you'll ever throw.
While filming in the Amazon, Roland Martin,
Host of "Fishing with Roland Martin",  landed this
21 lb. peacock bass  (peacock bass)on a
6.5" RipRoller; that same week, both Terry Jertberg,
Owner of HighRoller Lures and Roland Martin,
caught a 22 lber and a 21 1/2 lber on RipRollers.
Man, what a tarpon. Great fighting fish,
caught by Dave Sutton.
The redfish love top water, especially an all wooden
HighRoller like the 4.25" RipRoller seen in this picture;
tired of throwing a lure that catches fish
under the surface? Use a wooden top
water lure to see the real action.
Even at night, the redfish can't resist the resemblance
of an injured baitfish swimming on top water;
Doug Blanton  had his hands full catching
this pig on 8 lb test line.

Another Peacock on a HighRoller Lure!

Caught on the Rio Negro river in Brazil.