I have just received my order and I must say your lures are the nicest lures I have ever seen. The craftsmanship is outstanding. It is so refreshing to see lures made to these standards in this day and age. Thank you!
- Anja Gallimore


When I was fishing at El Salto last week I caught one 7.25 lb., two 6.0 lb., and three 5 pounder's on the High Roller in about 2.5 hours.
- John C. Weaver


I've been killing the big Mackerel on the RipRoller and lost my last bigger RipRoller to a large Bull Shark yesterday. The client was ripping it across the surface for mackerel when it came up from nowhere and grabbed the lure. It looked to be somewhere around 6-7 feet and probably weighed around 125 lbs. We chased and fought it for almost 20 minutes before it cut the 100 lb leader. We've caught plenty of nice smaller Black Tip's on the smaller Rip Rollers.
- Capt. Woody Gore
  Outdoor Writer, Photographer, Guide & Speaker


I've never owned a better performing lure than these. Nice to see that there are people out there who still care about what they sell. My first time using one produced a 9 pounder.
- Danny Martin


Terry, I just returned from my first trip for peacocks. A guy you may know by the name of Ken suggested I used your bait in the Halloween pattern and this was the result on my second day of nine on the Pasomoni: This fish went 35 inches long and 22 pounds. I ended up throwing the bait all nine days and out fished 8 other seasoned anglers. I destroyed three of the baits in all in nine days. I believe the bait made the difference; I had 36 over ten pounds with high water conditions. Thanks.
- Ron Thompson

Thank you very much, I going to river Itapará - Amazonas in September. Your lures very, very nice.
- Luiz - Proativa RH


Thanks for making such great baits! Keep up the good work. How can I get a decal to proudly display on my Ranger? 
- Billy Smith


Love your High Roller lures. I have several. Caught this 6 lb 7 oz bass in the Hillsboro Canal on January 6 on a Chug Roller. The hooks you put on are great. Great lures!
- Patrick Cunningham

Another Peacock on a HighRoller Lure!

Caught on the Rio Negro river in Brazil.