What are HighRoller™ Lures made from?

“Sugar Pine”. HighRoller™ has always made lures from wood. We believe that a solid wood lure out performs plastic, has the unique characteristics that fisherman are looking for and the durability they demand.

In general, what is the most productive color that HighRoller™ makes?

It depends on what type of fish you are targeting i.e. Saltwater or Freshwater. The most important factor is; what are the local fish eating. At HighRoller™, we try to mimic the natural forage. To answer your question – In freshwater we sell more “Firetiger” than any other color. Second is (Steel Shad) in the North and the (Florida Special) in the Deep South. In the Saltwater Flats – we recommend Steel Shad, Greenback and “BONE”. Offshore we suggest Greenback and Bone.

Will HighRoller™ paint “Custom lures”?

Yes! depending on our ability to and a minimum order of 60 lures per order; call us for pricing.

Live Bait or Artificial?

Great question. It’s hard to beat live bait, BUT at times, the enticing splash and gurgling noise produced by artificial lures triggers an instinctive urge to hit an object. We believe the best object for that job is a HighRoller™ Fishing Lure.

Do HighRoller Lures have rattles?

No, we feel that there are plenty of other baits on the market with rattles. Also, our custom wood lures do make noise. Just shake one by holding it between your thumb and forefinger and you will hear the hooks beating against the wood. Sometime pressured fish are so used to these rattling lures, it gives you an advantage to use one without rattles. If you would like to have a rattle, simply purchase a rattle chamber that will attach around the shank of the treble hook!

Does HighRoller™ have a sponsorship program for professional guides?

Yes. HighRoller™ has been sponsoring professionals since we started. Please call (352) 215-2925 or email us at: Information.

Where can I buy HighRoller™ Lures?

Right here on the web. See our secure shopping system that lets you order directly from the manufacturer, US! – using your Visa or Master Card. We have also made arrangements to take your order over the phone, please call (352)  215-2925 .

Can I recommend a tackle shop in my area that should be carrying HighRoller™ Lures?

Definitely YES! HighRoller is actively seeking independent and chain tackle shops to carry our product line. We are well diversified in colors and every one of our lures are saltwater rigged for maximum performance. Call  (352) 215-2925 ,        or e-mail us at Information.

Thank you, if you have a questions please contact us!

Another Peacock on a HighRoller Lure!

Caught on the Rio Negro river in Brazil.