Peacock Bass Trips

Would you like to experience the excitement of catching trophy Peacock Bass in South America?



Join owner Terry Jertberg on a fabulous trip to the Amazon with High Roller Outdoor Adventures!

Terry is the owner of High Roller Lures. He grew up in Brazil fishing the many rivers that are chock full of Peacock Bass. He knows the country, the language, and the fish. He's the ideal guide for a once-in-a-lifetime trip for trophy Peacock Bass and other exotic fish of the Amazon.

When professional guides like Roland Martin, Blair Wiggins, Leeza Fitzgerald, and Kevin VanDam pursue Peacock Bass in the Amazon, Terry is the guide they choose and High Roller Lures are the baits they use.

    You can too!


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Another Peacock on a HighRoller Lure!

Caught on the Rio Negro river in Brazil.