6.5 inch RipRoller


Whether casting and ripping or slow-trolling, the 6.5" RipRoller has been the most popular prop bait on the market since the inception of HighRoller Lures.

Our customers continue to catch trophy Peacock Bass around the globe on the 6.5" RipRoller.

The largest reported is over 30 lbs.!

Throw further, rip harder, and cast with more accuracy using the 6.5" RipRoller. It's a proven producer of trophy fish in the US and abroad.

Big Bass can't resist the temptation presented by the 6.5 RipRoller's noisy action and propeller bubble trail. Brilliant colors and enticing action summon gamefish from great depths to hammer this surface lure. 


Use for Snook, Trout, and Redfish with equal productivity in saltwater. Comes with corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks for confident hookups on beastly-sized fish.

  • Solid wood – the best there is for buoyancy
  • Triple coated epoxy paint and Gelcoated for durability & shine
  • Realistic 3-D Eyes
  • Stainless steel components
  • VMC® Permasteel® treble hooks
  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • 20 tantalizing colors
  • Length: 6.5 inches (165mm)
  • Weight: 1.4 oz (40g)

Irresistible to predator fish in fresh or salt water. Available in twenty tantalizing colors so anglers are prepared for any conditions.


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