Peacock Series

High Roller Fishing Lure Company has a 20-year history of producing the most exceptional Peacock Bass lure in the World, the RipRoller.

RipRollers are made to endure the brutal attacks of the ill-tempered South American Peacock Bass. The RipRoller is used by professional outfitters around the world who specialize in guiding fisherman to world-record catches and recently produced Peacock Bass over 30 pounds in South America.

The World-Record Butterfly Peacock Bass was caught on a High Roller Lure in Brazil in 2018!

Premium lures require innovative design and the finest components. 

The custom heavy-duty stainless steel propeller on the RipRoller is designed to withstand the vicious strikes of monster Peacocks. High Roller Lures come with VMC® Permasteel® super-sharp hooks ensuring solid hookups.

The RipRoller is fished by Bass Master Champions including Kevin Van Dam, Shaw Grigsby, Roland Martin, Gary Klein, Guy Eaker, Paul Elias, and Blair Wiggins. 

Terry Jertberg, the owner of HighRoller Lures, has landed dozens of huge Peacock Bass in Brazil on the Monster RipRoller. He understands first-hand what it takes to produce these high caliber lures. 

Our top selling colors for Trophy Peacock Bass are: 

  · Halloween  ·  Black/Orange  ·  Fire Tiger  ·  Clown  ·  Perch  ·  Peacock  ·  Pearl Chartreuse  · Speckled Peacock.

    News Update! The World-Record Butterfly Peacock Bass was caught in 2018 on a 5.5-inch RipRoller in the Halloween color by angler George Walter. The I.G.F.A. officially approved the 16 lb Butterfly Peacock Bass as an all-tackle world record!

    Would you like to experience the excitement of catching these incredible fish in South America?

    Join owner Terry Jertberg on a fabulous trip to the Amazon with High Roller Outdoor Adventures. Click here for destinations and dates.


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