High Roller Saltwater Series Lures

“Designed for exceptionally long casts, the Original HighRoller is the most versatile fishing lure available.”

Experience the thrill of explosive strikes on the flats or when in pursuit to run-and-gun offshore for schools of feeding fish. You can finesse trophies from oyster lined creeks as well as shallow mangrove lagoons.

Made saltwater ready and big fish tough, HighRoller Fishing Lures deliver the castability, enticing action, and durability needed to catch Bull Redfish, Gator Seatrout, Massive Snook, Monster Kingfish, Tarpon, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Stripers, Amberjack, and Jack Crevalle.

The Original HighRoller, a topwater walking lure, is unparalleled in effectiveness. Designed for exceptionally long casts, the Original HighRoller is the most versatile lure available.

The PopRoller is a subtle lure that is deadly on Snook, Trout, and Redfish. It's the ideal bait for calm conditions and creek fishing.

The ChugRoller, with its echoing, deep chug, calls fish from great depths triggering acrobatic strikes.

The RipRoller series is our number one seller due to the attractive noise and bubble trail produced by the prop when ripped thru the water. It has no equal for effectiveness on Peacock Bass.

Starting with a solid wood core, we apply 3 coats of proprietary epoxy paint and finish with our signature epoxy gel coat for lasting durability and shine. We build each lure with stainless steel hardware and VMC “X” Strong Perma-Steel saltwater hooks.  

  • Available in 11 body styles and 22 eye-catching colors
  • Hand-painted to mimic natural baitfish
  • Meticulously hand assembled

Fish a HighRoller to experience the unsurpassed quality and durability which puts HighRoller in a class of its own! “Increase your Odds, Throw a HighRoller”!

Another Peacock on a HighRoller Lure!

Caught on the Rio Negro river in Brazil.