Butterfly Peackock Kit

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Special value Kit price: $175.00  Normally a combined $190.00 Retail price!


Butterfly Peacocks are small and beautiful but, like their larger cousins, they are known for their aggressive strikes and tenacious fights.  


The World Record Butterfly Peacock Bass was caught on a High Roller Lure in Brazil in 2018!
Versatility defined, our Butterfly Peacock Kit covers a broad spectrum of conditions spanning the canals of south Florida to rivers throughout the Amazon Jungle. When numbers are your game and you need a lure that can hold up to the rigors of tough conditions and multiple hook-ups, this is the perfect kit for you.

The Butterfly Peacock kit is packed full of high quality, durable lures, in assorted colors especially attractive to Butterfly Peacock Bass and other exotic species. This kit adds remarkable variety to your fishing experience.
The Butterfly Peacock Bass Kit includes:
  • 1 solid wood 3.25 in. HighRoller
  • 2 solid wood 4.25 in. HighRollers
  • 2 solid wood 3.25 in. RipRollers
  • 2 solid wood 4.25 in. RipRollers
  • 2 solid wood 4.0 in. AquaDogs
  • 2 solid wood 2.75 in. PopRollers
  • 1 High Roller Heavy Duty Tackle Organizer


Packaged in a warp-resistant Tackle Organizer which is constructed of a heavy-duty polymer and features a superior double lock and hinge system.  Designed for convenient travel, this compact kit can be safely transported in your checked luggage.

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