Saltwater Series

High Roller Lures provides anglers the thrill of triggering explosive strikes from inshore gamefish. Made saltwater tough, High Roller Lures deliver easy casting, enticing action, and the serious strength needed to catch Bull Redfish, Massive Snook, Gator Seatrout, Kingfish, Tarpon, Stripers, Mahi, and Amberjack.

The Original HighRoller, a uniquely shaped topwater-walking lure is irresistible to predator fish. Designed for exceptionally long casts, the Original HighRoller is the most versatile fishing lure we make. It walks, splashes, dips, dives sub-surface and gets bit. You can finesse this lure to coax lunkers from cover or create a commotion that draws big fish from a distance.

The RipRoller is our number one seller. When ripped through the water, the prop creates a rhythmic commotion and a visual bubble trail which is irresistible to gamefish. Tie one on and be ready to get slammed!  

The GrimRipper is a 4.0-inch topwater propeller bait that creates such a commotion of splashes and sound that it can't help but be noticed by predators. Vicious strikes that bust the surface are the norm for this fish-catching bait!

The PopRoller is a subtle Trout, Snook and Redfish bait, ideal for calm conditions on the flats or coaxing gamefish to reaction-strikes in creeks and lagoons.

The ChugRoller is a winsome bait that commands attention from gamefish. It is designed to mimic the sound of predators striking baitfish on the surface, ringing the dinner bell for inshore fish. Hold on for vicious strikes!

As the name implies, the AquaDog is also a walk-the-dog lure. It has a gentle glide when twitched making it easy for predators to track its cadence which mimics a wounded baitfish. Crushing strikes usually occur on the pause between twitches.

Lures of Beauty and Strength

A solid wood core makes up the body of these beautiful lures. Epoxy sealer is applied in 2 coats to seal the wood from water and for strength. An epoxy lacquer for brilliant color is the third coat followed by a proprietary Gelcoat for durability and shine. Each lure is outfitted with stainless steel hardware and VMC® Permasteel® super-sharp hooks.

Plastic lures seem like toys compared to the caliber of these handcrafted works of art.

High Roller Lures are available in 11 body styles and 22 eye-catching colors. Each lure is meticulously handcrafted so anglers can enjoy years of catching trophy fish.

Professional guides and seasoned anglers recognize the unsurpassed quality and durability which puts High Roller Lures in a class of their own.


Fish a High Roller Lure and you'll never use a "regular" lure again!

Premium Wood Lures for Avid Anglers